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    Ozturk Tax Consult gives you expert business advice. Every business manager with growth ambitions can come to us.
    From start-up, through liberal professions and SMEs to larger companies.

    Ozturk Tax Consult knows how to approach. We can save you time and money. Make use of our financial expertise and experience in business management, so that you can spend more time running your business. We monitor the figures for you and coach you for better results.



    We are years of experience in the financial sector. Ozturk Tax Consult emerged in 2016 from our drive to “guide entrepreneurs to better financial results”. Read more about our vision, mission and values.
    Every collaboration starts with a first introduction. This is entirely without obligation.
    Tell us about your ambition and plans as an entrepreneur. Then we look at how our financial expertise and / or business knowledge can be used to further grow your business.

    To properly advise you on your business operations, we take a look at the key figures from your financial administration. Where necessary, we assist you operationally to effectively conduct your business.
    Below you will find some topics that we can help you with.

    Profitability, solvency and liquidity analysis

    Have your business calculated financially and which optimisations are possible.


    Which budget is realistic to achieve your strategic and operational objectives?

    Cash management

    Limit financial risks through proactive monitoring of cash needs and deficits.

    Financial benchmarking

    Gain insight into your financial position vis-à-vis your competitors and detect your strengths and weaknesses.

    Investment decisions

    Calculate the future returns from an investment and obtain the most interesting form of financing.

    Sounding board

    Call on our hands-on guidance for business managers.

    Takeover of an activity or company

    An acquisition requires a good preparation with, among other things, a complex valuation (acquisition price).


    Guidance for starting entrepreneurs from A to Z, including preparation of business plan and financial plan, registration of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, application for VAT number, supervision of credit application …

    Strategy definition

    Preparation of an entrepreneurial plan with a list of concrete, operational actions.