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    As an ambitious starter you want to go full speed ahead with your first company. Or do you wish to invest in further concrete growth? Applying for a professional credit is often inevitable. So a visit to your banker is waiting for you. How do you increase your chances of success and ensure that the decision is not delayed?

    Visit your bank before

    You can avoid an impasse by preparing extra well. Make an extra appointment to discuss a number of things in advance. What does the banker in question soon need from you? And what do you have to do to apply for a professional credit well prepared?

    Do you know financial matters inside and out?

    Go to your banker with answers instead of questions. In other words, prepare a clear file that contains all the answers that a banker is looking for. Not only do you make a better and more professional impression, your file is also much better substantiated. Conversely, if the bank still has many questions and uncertainties afterwards, this often leads to less confidence and willingness to grant the credit.

    Discuss your financial status in depth with your accountant in advance. Is your financial balance clear enough to present to your bank? Or do you need a little explanation from you? Are there certain concepts or processes that you do not understand so well? Now is the time to talk about it.

    Request extra expertise in time

    As a completely independent financial advisor, we work completely into your file and together we look for the missing puzzle pieces and any snags.

    We bring all the information together

    We have professional experience in the banking sector and we know perfectly what is needed to make your credit application successful. How can we help you? Contact us and we will discuss everything with a cup of coffee.