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    Guidance of creation

    As the Turkish market is experiencing economic growth and as a result there are great opportunities on the ground, in recent years many investors and companies have chosen Turkey to invest for their commercial activities. These companies can appeal to us to have the founding of their company carried out according to the rules of art.

    Marketing research

    Are you looking for a market for your product? Are you in the service sector and looking for suitable work according to your sector? Do you want a market research for your current product? Are you looking for a partner to work together in Turkey? Do you want to invest in Turkey? The “market research” department of our company will guide you through this.

    Stay of investors and technical staff

    In terms of residence, we can also provide services to investors who invest in Turkey or the partners / staff of companies who want to do business in Turkey.

    Company analysis

    If we look at the business world and see that the collection cases are constantly piling up, this indicates how important it is to have information about your customers to whom you sell products and / or services and / or business partners. For example, we can conduct research for Turkish companies into the financial, legal and commercial situation and the history of your potential business partners to whom you want to sell products and / or services in Belgium and some European countries. This work will help you determine to what extent the counterparty can be trusted for collaboration and in this way you minimize your risks.


    If you are planning to introduce a product and / or service in Turkey, arrange agencies and distributors, sell them, etc., we can represent you from Belgium. By means of a power of attorney that you give us, we can negotiate in your name, arrange meetings, do the basis of necessary work and conclude preliminary agreements.


    In recent years there have been numerous opportunities in different areas for companies that want to invest in Turkey and / or want to continue their trade practices in Turkey. These investment opportunities can be according to the sector of the company: initially, free building land designation, a certain percentage of the investment to be reimbursed, with the aim of creating a competitive edge, exemption from certain expenses, for a certain duration, tax benefit and exemption from social security contributions. We can ensure that companies that want to invest in Turkey and / or want to continue their commercial activities in Turkey can enjoy these opportunities.


    Ozturk Tax Consult sets up companies in the geographic region that includes Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, which are considered to be the main countries of Europe, and performs audits of companies and branches of Turkish companies based abroad.

    Why Belgium

    Turkey will invest in established companies in order to open the world market, the company will set up geographical region selection is vital.

    In Belgium, where the Turkish population is closest, it attracts attention in terms of gross domestic product (GDP).

    The fact that Made in Belgium will be written on the products produced in Belgium will offer an advantage and advantage in terms of quality and reliability that are necessary to gain a faster place on the world market. It is a well-known fact that the country that produces world-class goods offers opportunities in terms of R&D and technology and the volume of their exports.

    Why do we have to open to foreign markets?

    Among the needs to be open to foreign markets;

    • Having a market shortage in your current company and the need for new market research,
    • The need to compensate for loss of income due to budget constraints on customers in your current company,
    • The need to properly evaluate the capital accumulation of your company/li>
    • The need to be close to international operating companies
    • The need to be close to technological developments
    • The need for a new market to reduce risks in the country
    • Advantage of the image of European countries,
    • Achieving the goal of increasing the growth speed of your business
    • Urbanization and the need to work in a country with a strong infrastructure,
    • A reliable and fair legal system,
    • To be among the countries with the lowest inflation since 1999,
    • The country is the center of Europe,
    • As the largest market in Europe with its population,
    • Have open doors for foreign investors,
    • Human resources are sufficiently trained,
    • High quality of life,
    • Ensuring equal opportunities for future generations with its superiority in education,
    • The certainty offered by the existence of a serious middle class structure among European families,
    • The importance attached to innovation and R&D

    If at least three of these requirements suit you, you can request an interview with our expert advisers.

    • We can say that there is a four-way study to set up a company in Europe.
    • Market research where your products or services are offered, Market analysis is performed,
    • Financial overview in which financial resources and incentives are searched,
    • Technical research to determine the use of technology and production method,
    • Legal assessment to predict fiscal, business and general legal issues